What is “Full Communion With the Catholic Church”?

Introduction When people become Catholic they often describe it as “coming into full communion with the Catholic Church.” That might sound like an obtuse description of the event, but it is actually both accurate and important in its details. This is because Catholics consider all validly baptized Christians to be “in the Church” even if…


The Protestant’s Burden

Introduction For 500 years now, Protestants have been arguing that Catholicism is a false (or at least an extremely faulty) version of Christianity. After entering into this debate more deeply over the last couple years, I noticed some trends in the debate and also came up with a thought experiment I’d like to share. I wondered what it…


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40 in Scripture

The days of Lent from  Ash Wednesday to Easter are 40 in number. Why 40? Because Jesus fasted for 40 days at the beginning of his ministry (Lk. 4), it seems a fitting time for personal abstention from some delights and practice sacrificial giving and personal reflection. The number 40 seems to be a biblical timespan…


Catholic Wealth and Spending

Introduction A subject of both urban legend and plenty of nasty memes, the Catholic Church’s wealth and spending habits are frequently attacked. What is the Catholic church doing with all its money (besides paying off the Illuminati, and covertly running the world bank, of course)? I cannot go into much detail because, frankly, I don’t know (and…


Escaping the Vicious Life

Introduction I don’t know if the young people these days use “vicious” as a word that sounds bad but means good (like “wicked,” “sick,” or, well, “bad” itself), but if they do, that’s not how I mean it here. I also do not mean the modern definition of being “deliberately cruel or violent.” Rather, I am…