Lord Mart On-The-Go Specials!

LORD MART EXCLUSIVE!  “What Would Jesus Buy?” Wallet

Have you ever asked yourself, “Does purchasing a WWJD bracelet count as a tithe?” or, “Does giving a dollar I found on the ground count as a sacrificial offering?” Now you can “count the cost” with this spiffy little item!

Crucifix Phone Cover

Is your mobile phone a testimony to the wondrousness of His grace? Well it should be! Let the world see Jesus in all his flashing, multicolored glory.

Holy Spirit Whistle

Do you earnestly desire the best spiritual gifts? Get that ole’ Holy Spirit’s attention with this handy whistle! It’s uniquely tuned to the pitches which cannot be uttered.

TBN Key ring

Great for the keys to that new Hummer the Lord has promised all who will just claim it in faith!

TBN Floating Pen

Get the power of God . . . in a pen! Magnetic force is a power that even the smartest rocket scientist cannot explain! Oh they have their “theories” and “formulas”, but not even Einstein could have told you how a simple magnet can pick up a nail! It is simply the power of God – so don’t try to understand it! Now, the same invisible power that holds the world together upholds your unique pen on NOTHING!

Dog Tags

Are “you and your whole household” saved? Make sure people know it!

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