I am Douglas M. Beaumont, and this is my blog containing my thoughts on theology, philosophy, apologetics, and other fun things like guns and computers. I am a subsistent individual of a rational nature currently existing in a hylomorphic union of immaterial soul and material body. I am pursuing a Ph.D. in Theology at North-West University. I am a writerspeaker, ordained minister, armchair philosopher, back seat theologian, and all around righteous dude. I have a wonderful family, great friends, and some quality enemies. If you want to know more, here is my CV.


I have been online since 1998 when I made my first website containing articles explaining and defending the Christian faith. First called Soul Device (taken from a line in a song) and the far more mature and scholarly-sounding DougBeaumont.org (which matches the blog’s current webcarnation).



By 2005 I had added a website devoted to Christian Movie Evaluations which became the precursor to my 2009 book project The Message Behind the Movie.


About the same time I started blogging with some friends on the now defunct Tu Quoque (which landed me my first publication), and my own blog IrContent (where I spent a lot of time helpfully complaining about the state of Evangelicalism).



As you can see, my online presence has gone through more than a few name, layout, and content changes. each time I generally try to migrate the more important content to the new version, but I have learned a lot since starting it – so mind the dates if you go through the archives!