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If you would like me to come speak at your event, please contact me by filling out this Request Form and sending it to dougbeaumont@gmail.com.


I am available to speak on several prepared topics (see below) and others may be made available upon request. Most of these represent a 45-60 minute presentation, but longer versions are also an option for many of them.

Defending Christianity How can Christians defend without being defensive or go on the offense without simply being offensive? The answer is to understand the positive reasons for Christianity instead of taking the roll of a punching bag! This seminar will teach the basics of how believers can prove that Christianity is true and how to deal with objections in a winsome manner without having to memorize “the answer” to every possible criticism.
Christianity Without the Bible? The Bible has come under fierce attack from the new atheists as well as scholars such as Bart Ehrman and others. But these attacks presuppose a particular view of Christianity’s relation to Scripture that may not be as necessary as is supposed. This seminar covers what can be known about Christianity without the Bible, and describes an innovative apologetic approach using that knowledge.
Evangelistic Apologetics This seminar will benefit anyone who has ever struggled with presenting and defending the truth of the Christian faith. It will present the solid foundation upon which Christianity alone rests in a simple, friendly, and strategic manner. The seminars will also encourage evangelism by showing how to deal with hard questions effectively so that one’s witness will not be stifled by fear of failure, nor ignored due to lack of intellectual integrity.
Faith and
Paul says in Colossians 2:8 to “beware of philosophy.” However, Paul himself was quite familiar with philosophy and utilized it in his evangelism (e.g., Acts 17). The truth is that we all do philosophy whether we know it or not – the only question is whether or not we will do it well. Because our philosophy also affects our theology we dare not leave it unexamined. This seminar shows how philosophy and faith interact and what their proper relation should be.
The Message Behind the Movie Religious discussions today often center around worldviews and culture . . . and nothing affects the worldviews of today’s culture more than movies! Movies tell us a lot about our culture and provide us with a great way to engage that culture for Christ. But this will not happen if we do not understand how movies communicate world views and messages. This seminar will help arm movie lovers to face the falsehoods being presented by Hollywood today and to appreciate the truth when they see it.
The Message Behind the Music Music moves the heart and its message can inspire in ways that mere words cannot. These effects make it clear that musical discernment is an important area of study. Unfortunately, the “Christian” take on music has often been characterized by unverifiable claims and poor reasoning. Scare tactics and sensationalism are often the name of the game when sober, careful research yields, I think, very different results.
How Not to Study Your Bible Have you heard that God would rather someone remain unsaved than to be a lukewarm believer? Do you know the most commonly misinterpreted verse in Christian counseling? Knowing how not to study your Bible can be just as important as knowing how! In this seminar we’ll go over the popular understanding of many verses will be exposed as faulty, and how to avoid the mistakes that caused them.
Knowing God’s Will The fact that the shelves of Christian bookstores are lined with books on this subject bears testimony to the fact that many are confused on the subject. This seminar dismisses with the clichés and critiques the popular view while digging into what the Bible consistently teaches on the subject.
NOTE: it is recommenced that this seminar be in at least a 3 hour format.
Is Jesus the Only Way? Many people believe that Christianity is just one of many paths to God. This seminar discusses what the Bible has to say about this topic, and how we can communicate this to those who are trusting in false beliefs that will lead to destruction.
Countering Cults What exactly is a cult? Is it the same as a sect or denomination? How do cults differ from the occult? How do we evangelize cultists? Should we even be talking to them? Should we be worried about loved ones in questionable groups? There are a lot of questions regarding these odd groups and this seminar will help.
Answering Jehovah’s Witnesses Using Their Own Bible Most techniques for witnessing to Jehovah’s Witnesses require either advanced theological training or expensive and rare materials. Plus, most take a lot of time! While these are effective, there is another way that can be done with minimal training, materials, and time – with the very Bible materials they use! This seminar walks you through the basics (no Greek required!).
Speaking of God The Bible has numerous verses describing God as having a body yet only one describing Him as being spirit. Why, then, is the orthodox understanding of God’s nature one of sprit? Are these verses contradictory? This seminar is a condensed version of the most important thing I learned while in seminary: how to think and talk about God according to what we know from His revelation – including both Scripture and creation.
End Time Prophecy Did you know the word “Antichrist” does not appear in either of the books of Revelation or Daniel? Did you know that there is no “seven year” time frame listed anywhere in Revelation? There are a lot of assumptions concerning prophecy, and most of them are overlooked because they are not recognized for what they are. This seminar will help put things in perspective by summarizing the history and significant features of various views, plus the key areas of Scripture for the study of the end times.
End Time Apologetics The Bible’s truthfulness and supernatural origin is often defended by pointing to its many fulfilled prophecies. This can, however, seem to backfire when skeptics point out the Bible’s alleged failure to correctly predict certain events. This becomes especially problematic concerning failed end time speculations by Christians. This seminar deals with the proper use of eschatology in apologetics.


Doug is a former skeptic raised in a non-Christian home, and has spent time on both sides of the religion debate. His conversion to Christianity was due in large part to the well-reasoned responses of the few believers who were able to answer his questions about their faith. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Theology at North-West University.

Doug’s published writings and contributions include:

  • The Message Behind the Movies (How to Engage with a Film without Disengaging Your Faith)
  • The Apologetics Study Bible for Students
  • The Christian Apologetics Journal
  • Got Questions?
  • The Best of Catholic Writing

Doug has spoken coast to coast at various events and on radio and TV programs including:

  • Bob Ducko Radio Show
  • California Apologetics Conference
  • Calvary Chapel Bible College
  • Circe Institute
  • College of the Ozarks
  • CrossWalk
  • Evangelical Theological Society
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Fellowship of Christian University Students
  • Giving An Answer TV Program
  • InterVarsity Jungle
  • Janet Parshall America
  • Moody Pastor’s Conference
  • Moody Radio
  • Ratio Christi College Group
  • Seize the Day w/Gus Lloyd
  • Sound Rezn TV Show
  • Stand For Truth Radio Show
  • Summit Ministries
  • T.E.A.M. College Apologetics
  • TCT Alive! TV Show
  • The Morning Show
  • National Conference on Christian Apologetics
  • National Conference on Spiritual Discernment
  • Truth Talk Live Radio Show
  • Worldview Weekend